Property Information

CASH ONLY - Nice 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom turnkey property in Dayton!
Dayton, OH 45403
3 bedroom, 1 bathroom - built in 1951
Square Feet1,040
Initial Market Value$79,000
Purchase Price$79,000
Loan Origination Fees$0
Depreciable Closing Costs$3,950
Other Closing Costs and Fixup$0
Initial Cash Invested$82,950
Cost per Square Foot$76
Monthly Rent per Square Foot$0.82
Gross Rent$850$10,200
Vacancy Losses($68)($816)
Operating Income$782$9,384
Property Taxes($99)($1,185)
Management Fees($63)($751)
Leasing/Advertising Fees$0$0
Association Fees$0$0
Operating Expenses($279)($3,352)
Net PerformanceMonthlyAnnual
Net Operating Income$503$6,032
- Mortgage Payments$0$0
= Cash Flow$503$6,032
+ Principal Reduction$0$0
+ First-Year Appreciation$395$4,740
= Gross Equity Income$898$10,772
+ Tax Savings$0$0
= GEI w/Tax Savings$898$10,772
Mortgage InfoFirstSecond
Loan-to-Value Ratio0%0%
Loan Amount$0$0
Monthly Payment$0.00$0.00
Loan TypeAmortizing Fixed
Term30 Years
Interest Rate0.000%0.000%
Monthly PMI$0
Financial Indicators
Debt Coverage Ratio0.00
Annual Gross Rent Multiplier8
Monthly Gross Rent Multiplier93
Capitalization Rate7.6%
Cash on Cash Return7%
Total Return on Investment13%
Total ROI with Tax Savings13%
Real Estate Appreciation Rate6%
Vacancy Rate8%
Management Fee8%
Maintenance Percentage8%
Favorable 3 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, turnkey property in Dayton, OH. It features a detached garage as well as a convenient location between newly restored downtown Dayton and Orville Wright Park.
*Information is not guaranteed and investors should do their own research, get professional advice and conduct due diligence prior to investing.